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408 N. Magnolia Street

Gastonia, NC  28054

About Our Church

Many other churches are seeking a niche identity in the family of faith; our Christian church focuses on meeting people where they are. The scriptures tell us that what made Jesus so attractive and transformational to the masses was his willingness to meet people where they were. It is within this context that Legacy Ministries Church of Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina, seeks to be authentic, relevant, and missional.

Rev. Chip Hall and Jessica Hall

Rev. Chip Hall,
Senior Pastor & Jessica Hall

The Story of Our Beginnings

More than seven years ago, our pastor received a prophecy. The speaker told him that he would pastor a group of committed Christians who would further the kingdom of God in a new, purposeful and powerful way.  He was told that there would be people waiting for the vision.

The Journey to Charlotte

In February of 2014, our pastor traveled to Charlotte to discuss opportunities for ministry within the Presbytery of Charlotte. It was his desire to seek a calling in mid-2015. But the call of God came about 10 months ahead of schedule and he accepted an interim Pastor position with a Presbyterian church in Charlotte. After about seven months, and a series of divine events, God made it very clear that he was not here to pastor in the traditional setting, but to fulfill the prophecy and birth Legacy Ministries Church of Charlotte.

The Vision Becomes a Reality

In early July of 2015, a group of committed believers gathered and began praying, fasting, and seeking the will of God with a heart toward making Legacy Ministries Church of Charlotte a reality. Legacy Ministries Church of Charlotte will have a focus on the "generational intersection" where the rich Griot tradition of many cultures can have a voice in the body of Christ.



To create a legacy for the kingdom of God through generational intersections and whole and healthy worship experiences.


We are called to REACH people through Jesus Christ, TEACH believers to become disciples, and SEEK ways to influence the world to experience God.


  • God’s Presence – The essential foundation of our services. His presence heals us, comforts us and guides us.
  • Authentic Relationships – We believe that life change happens in the context of real and authentic relationships.
  • Next Generation – We are dedicated to reaching the Next and the Now.
  • Wholeness and Healthiness – With God, each other, and the community .
  • Outreach/Mission – We exist to share the Gospel and change lives in our city, nation and world through practical ministry that meets people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Spiritual Gifts – We do life together. We work side by side and share in the joy of seeing our unique strengths, abilities and gifts unite to build God’s kingdom.
  • Relevance – Cultural awareness increases opportunity to connect with people. When we bring God and the power of His Word into situations people are facing on a daily basis, lives are changed.

What We Believe


  • We affirm that God is the Creator of the universe.
  • We affirm that God exists in the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • We affirm that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.
  • We affirm that the bible is the inspired word of God.
  • We affirm the necessity of new birth.
  • We affirm a commitment to the whole mission of the church.
  • We affirm the church as a fellowship of believers.